About Me

I’m a busy bee, a book butterfly and collector, certified dog lover and a coffee addict. I’m an introvert who just learned to go out of my shell along life’s journey because challenges made me stronger and braver. I also love reading books and taking care of my pets (cats and dogs). Then the universe conspired, from an introvert living in my own world, I slowly turned into an online entrepreneur.

A project manager, a team leader, and an adventurer

As a project manager, I love multitasking but when a friend or loved one needs to pour his/her heart out, I can focus and listen to them entirely.

As a team leader,  I was trained to become a leader since young and it has stayed in my heart ever since. I am currently managing a small team of creatives, mostly writers and social media marketers.

As an adventurer, though I don’t “physically explore places,” it means learning the lives of others, and not being afraid of taking risks and challenges.

I’m a learner and a bookworm!


Satisfied Clients



Cups of Coffee

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in

it for me?

– Brian Tracy –

Started in 2011 and I want to do it forever

Started as a freelance writer and learned other tricks along the way which made me involved in marketing, so I eventually formed my own team 4 years later, in 2015, having a heart of becoming a leader.

What I Do

I am a writer, social media marketer, project manager and also a leader of my small team.

I am currently living the dream when it comes to my job because being a digital nomad and working with people in different parts is the best thing ever.

I am also an entrepreneur and musician. I have an online store called Cool Catch Collection that I manage with my mom.

  • Digital Marketing 95%
  • Social Media Marketing 100%
  • Project Management 90%
  • Market Research/Analysis 95%
  • Content Strategy 80%
  • Product Reviews 85%
I have a Bachelor’s in Music and I sing and play the piano. I used to teach piano lessons and I would still love to if time permits! I have also played other instruments (I can try to play it again but with stern practice and discipline).

I don’t have a specific type of music that I listen to because I appreciate different genres, from standards to Broadway, to jazz to OPM and current hits.

When I am not working, I spend my time with my dogs and reading books.